FAE Telecom was formed to provide a unique set of services that address the requirements of Critical Infrastructure networks that utilize legacy protocols and applications. These networks present challenges in both migrating to packet based converged infrastructures and meeting today's federally mandated security requirements.

FAE Telecom's team is built around a core group of industry veterans who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues and a profound willingness to help our customers stay up to date and in the know with their infrastructure.

Dwight L Linn - CEO and Co-founder

Dwight brings a rare combination of knowledge and experience to FAE Telecom. A retired C4I systems engineer who was responsible for the design, implementation and management of the critical infrastructure networks supporting the military's intelligence, command and control networks. After retiring from military service Dwight took his critical communications knowledge in to the commercial world, holding senior management positions at  T3 Plus (acquired by 3Com), Coastcom,  Racal Milgo, Motorola, Hitachi and Gambit Communications before founding FAE Telecom.

Michael Baccala - President and Chief Operations Officer

Michael’s professional career spans more than 40 years. He was recently at Raymar Telenetics, prior to which he was CEO of Haliplex Communications in Australia, where he was responsible for a large co-development contract with Nokia-Siemens Networks.  At Ascend Communications, he held many key roles, including SE Manager, Software Product Manager, Max-TNT PLM, Solutions Architect, contract-engineer for Microsoft in Redmond, and Technical Sales Director for VoIP and Softswitches, following the Lucent acquisition.  Before Silicon Valley, Michael did the histopathology on a grant to determine how HIV crosses the placenta at UC Davis Medical School, and subsequently managed IT at the UCD Cancer Center. He studied electrolyte metabolism at the Gainesville, Florida VA Hospital, followed by stints in Equine Neonatal Intensive Care, Clinical Pathology, and management of a Comparative Neuroanatomy lab at UF.  Michael has also run a university biomedical research facility at WSU in Detroit, where he also became a Charter Member of the Elephant Interest Group, American Society of Mammologists. Michael continues to be a long-time member of IEEE, and other professional societies.

Edward Schowalter - Vice President of Sales

Ed is a creative solutions provider, who resolves business issues and drives the process to greater fulfillment.  He is known for developing teams that work together to move forward on a basis of mutual interests, via proven matrix and non-captive management skills. His background in Distribution Channel knowledge and experience in Original Equipment Manufacturing affords a solid frame of reference.  Ed values education and holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Science and Business Management as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration. His elite educational background provides the basis for creative and elegant solutions for mission critical network environments. Ed has an astute ability to easily relate to the needs and challenges customer face today. He has built many long term professional relationships through his superior consulting skills. His stellar work ethic has earned him positions at many Fortune 100 Corporations such as AT&T, Ingersoll Rand, Timeplex, Worldcom, Coastcom, Dresser Industries and Worthington Corporation. He now endows FAE Telecom with his acumen to create strategies that solve complex issues.

Marc Miller - Direct of Service and Support

Marc brings over 35 years of experience and expertise from a background in field engineering, network design and service management to the FAE Telecom team. Marc has had extensive careers at Racal Datacom and Orange Business Services that include Field Engineering and Service Management, System Design and Implementation, Technical Sales Support, and Network Performance Analysis. Marc’s service philosophy is straightforward: get the people with the best knowledge in place with the proper tools when the customer needs it.

Rick Larsen - Senior Systems Engineer

Rick brings over 30 years’ telecommunications experience to FAE Telecom team. He has worked for Bayly Communications, Coastcom, Lucent Technologies, Ascend Communications and Ascom Timeplex. In his time at those companies Rick had been an asset in many roles such as Systems Engineer, Sales, Applications Engineer and Test Engineer. During his time as an R&D Technician and Associate Hardware Engineer Rick helped develop the T1 equipment for Coastcom. Rick has gained extensive networking experience using TDM technologies, including T1, DS3, SONET, as well as IP-based networking technologies.

Stephen Brabham - Senior Systems Engineer

Stephen is a result-driven Technology Professional. He brings over 30 years’ experience in Data and Telecommunications the FAE Telecom team. Stephen worked for and provided Network Design, Implementation and Progressive Support while at Morris Decision Systems, Hughes LAN System, Whittaker Communications, PulseCom, Hitachi Internetworking and Cable & Wireless. Stephen earned his Bachelor degree in Information Management from York College in New York and a Master Degree in Information Technology, with a specialization in IT Project Management from the American Intercontinental University in Schaumburg, IL. Stephen proudly holds an Alarm/Low Voltage Technology Engineer license earned through the State of New York.