MIMIC The Network Simulation Tool

Network Simulation Tool (MIMIC):

  • Are more extensive than can be created with any physical network test environment.
  • Are Ideal for developing, testing and demonstrating applications for scalability, robustness, performance and effective policy implementations.  It is possible to
  • Easily extend a physical environment via the simulation of up to 100,000 devices
  • Eliminate the need to purchase, maintain and administer physical equipment
  • Provide network managers, designers, testers, implementers and trainers a private, virtual network.
  • Significantly increase the efficiency designing, implementing and supporting large NGNs.
  • Are ideal for developing and testing CIP5 compliance
  • Combine real device hardware with simulated devices
  • Are a cost effective as a tool for network traffic simulation, device test, disaster planning as well as training.
  • Serve as a test and training network in that anything that is modified on a simulated device does not risk a network “crash” or seriously inhibit performance.
  • Serves as a robust testing ground for testing multiple devices without actually having the devices in their physical form.
  • Offers unlimited “What If” scenarios.
  • Works with ANY SNMP network management system.

MIMIC The Network Simulation Tool


<strong “mso-bidi-font-weight:=”” normal”=””>Real-time monitoring and management
Initiate new devices or entire networks segments singly or in groups. Schedule network “scenarios” that change SNMP variables, start or shut down devices, or generate traps. Multiple network management tools can query the same MIMIC simulated devices, each with its own unique simulated network view. Network configuration “capture and playback.” 
Easily reproduce actual network configurations using MIMIC Recorder to take a snapshot of the device MIB. Then “replay” it instantly in the lab, or make controlled adjustments to SNMP variables to recreate problems or to test configuration variations.

Custom simulation
Change variable values, such as status, arrival rate, and utilization rate, for a single device or an entire group.

Support for any SNMP device
MIMIC’s extensive MIB library provides out-of-the-box support for all leading data network equipment vendors. In addition, the MIMIC Compiler easily imports new and custom MIBs to provide complete simulation of any SNMP-compatible device.

Compatible with any SNMP Network Management System
As MIMIC simulates the actual devices, all SNMP management systems think they are talking to the real network. MIMIC is compatible with leading SNMP mangers including MegaSys Telenium, Solarwinds, CastleRock SNMP, HP Openview as well as manufacturers element management systems.

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