TAC Support


TAC One is FAE Telecom’s basic level program plan. Installation and remedial maintenance: telephone or email support from the FAE Telecom TAC Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, excluding Holidays for one year from the date of purchase. Hardware repair is provided on a Return-to-Factory basis. FAE Telecom may, at its option, substitute a returned part for a refurbished part of compatible revision. Repair information and RMAs are obtained from the FAE Telecom TAC.


TAC Two provides TAC One coverage plus the following enhanced support and problem resolution for one year from the date of purchase. Remote Diagnostics: by enabling the FAE Telecom TAC to perform remote diagnostics many problems can be easily and quickly resolved. FAE Telecom supported equipment is required to have either a modem connection or internet access (as is applicable) at the time support is requested. Dial-back modems are encouraged for security reasons. The majority of reported problems can be resolved by the FAE Telecom TAC as a result of the tools employed and the remote serviceability of the supported products. Support is available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, excluding Holidays for one year from the date of purchase.

TAC Time & Materials (T&M)

TAC T&M offers Time and Materials Telephone Support. FAE Telecomm offers T&M telephone support charged at an hourly rate for TAC One and Two contract customers who require telephone support outside of the contracted hours of coverage or extended support beyond that contracted for. TAC T&M also provides for onsite engineering resources to be deployed if required.


TAC PRO, FAE Telecom’s professional services program offers a range of fee-based services. TAC One and TAC Two contract customers receive a discounted rate on these services.

• On-site Installation

• On-site Technical Support

• On-site Product Certification

• Miscellaneous Services (cabling, wiring)

• Pre-Installation Support (mapping, configuration, rack & stack)

• Software Upgrades

• Hardware Upgrades


Equipment we support…       

Loop Telecom: AM3440, 9150, O93xx, O9400, O9500, IP67xx, WA810

Asentria: SiteBoss, TeleBoss Bayly

Networks: OMNILink, OMNIOptix

Coastcom: D/I Mux III, Razor Access, Razor Edge, R-Series DPS

Telecom: NetGuardian

Haliplex: HPX-800, HPX-1600

NET: IDNX, Promina and more…

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