For Mission Critical Communications Infrastructure



Utilities and other critical infrastructure industries are facing increased stress on their telecommunications infrastructure due to IP transition, AMI and smart sensors, IIOT and NERC CIP compliance.

GRIDSIMNET captures a simulation of all devices installed on the network with 99.99% accuracy. This data is used by FAE to help the utility telecom operations managers plan, test and verify network plans, and the total cost of ownership of any telecommunications network design – before implementation.

All Purpose Transport Network (APTN)

APTN design philosophy is unique to the FAE Telecom solution allowing components of the network to be drawn from multiple suppliers and technologies. Ensuring quality and compatibility of all these components before, during and after installation is going to be critical to the successful operation of any utility telecom modernization initiative.

Operational Training on Real Data

FAE simulators enable telecom engineers to setup a scalable simulated network with hundreds of thousands of devices and simulate different combinations of routers, switches, firewalls, WLAN controllers from many different manufacturers, without having to purchase one or impact the production network. All the simulation tests and design plans can be saved and used for operational training as the design is deployed.

Software Defined Network (SDN)

Software-defined networking technology enables dynamic, programmatically efficient network configuration in order to improve network performance and monitoring making it more like cloud computing than traditional network management.


Multiples challenges are forcing the DOD to upgrade telecommunications infrastructure to support legacy systems while preparing for migration to new network infrastructure and IP protocols for physical and cyber security issues.

Network Re-architecting

Telecom networks are changing rapidly: IP transition, new devices, Industrial Internet of Things, and 5G deployment are all driving major re-architectures of the networks.

Engineering Training: Flexible Training Facility

Training is essential for keeping abreast of rapidly evolving technology. MILSIMNET offers access to an unlimited number of virtual networking devices, allowing the trainer to properly represent complex application and network capabilities real-world scenarios.

Converged Networks

Reducing the overall cost of the network, new initiatives for converged networks are allowing the sharing of operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning for critical applications that utilize data, voice and video to exploit the synergies.


Today’s networks are changing due to IP transition, along with SDN and 5G planning for deployment are all driving major re-architectures of the public carrier networks.

5G Transitions

Evolution to 5G and thousands of new smart devices putting new strain on carrier infrastructures.

Withdrawing Service

Telco’s announced End-of-Life during 2015 – creating an urgent action to replace the traditional services.

Critical Infrastructure Protection



Founded in 2013, FAE Telecom provides unique services to critical infrastructure network providers. We support the electric utility, military, federal agencies and public carrier networks with our deep understanding of telecommunications. FAE Telecom is an employee- & Veteran-owned business headquartered just outside Boston at One Liberty Lane, Hampton, New Hampshire. We have locations in California, Florida, Georgia, New York, Ohio, Texas & Virginia.

“Transformation is movement from past to future. To make it work, you need three things. You need a vision of the future that’s compellingly attractive. You need a pathway to evolve to it, (finally) you need to feel that you won’t get killed along the way. That’s the role simulation can play—predict the future, so you don’t need to fear it.”
-Tom Nolle, Founder of CimiCorp. & Advisor to FAE Telecom