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FAE Telecom offers our customers value beyond the solution set - our history, team and core values all mean you can count on FAE for all your telecommunications networking needs.


FAE Telecom, Inc. was formed in 2013.  The corporate focus is to provide a unique set of services that address critical infrastructure networks utilizing legacy protocols and applications. These networks present challenges in both migrating to packet-based, converged, infrastructures and meeting today’s federally mandated security requirements.

With a history of success as DOD contractors, FAE was part of building training courses for users.  One example is the early application of MIMIC.  This network simulator-based product was used by General Dynamics to deliver network training to the U.S. Army at Fort Gordon, GA.

FAE’s President and COO led the sales effort of the program and closed the sale on its use and deployment. This was an early lesson in using Simulation for training users.  FAE’s senior management was part of the direct management at Gambit when this project was sold and implemented at Fort Gordon, GA., in 2000.

Due to this long history of use and understanding between the principles of Gambit and FAE Telecom, we decided to seek outside investment funding for the power industry application.  Our goal is to scale fast and reach wide into the Industry, requiring funding beyond our resources.

FAE created and evolved an “All Purpose Transport Network” (APTN) approach working on networks in the utility and DOD markets.  We saw a need for better planning tools.

With our history in design and planning networks, we evaluated tools, many times, to address these issues.  Already very familiar with the idea of network simulation, to address many of these challenges, FAE approached Gambit proposing to use their MIMIC product, and adapt it to the specific needs of the power industry.

Our team is built around a core group of industry veterans with a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues, and a profound willingness to help our customers stay up to date and “in the know” with their infrastructure.

The communications industry is entering a period of disruption; SDN, 5G, and global cloud computing are playing a part in this evolution.

  • Telecom and enterprise markets are converging on Software Defined Networks (SDN).
  • The prerequisites of the 20th century networks are table-stakes in the 21st
  • It’s a software world for planning and testing
  • Virtualization is in the ascendancy – less physical and more cloud-based.
  • The rules are new and different for evaluating, designing, implementing and monetizing networks and no company has all the answers.
  • The market is ready for the entry of new and disruptive players with innovative ideas and solutions.

FAE Telecom and its All Purpose Transport Network (APTN) approach, with Simulator-as-a-Service (SaaS) GridSimNet is the disruptive player the industry is looking for.

FAE Telecom’s team is built around a core group of industry veterans who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues and a profound willingness to help our customers stay up to date and in the know with their infrastructure.

    DWIGHT LINNFounder and CEO
    Dwight brings a rare combination of knowledge and experience to FAE Telecom. A retired C4I systems engineer who was responsible for the design, implementation and management of the critical infrastructure networks supporting the military’s intelligence, command and control networks. After retiring from military service Dwight...
    EDWARD SCHOWALTERVice President of Sales
    Ed is a creative solutions provider, who resolves business issues and drives the process to greater fulfillment. He is known for developing teams that work together to move forward on a basis of mutual interests, via proven matrix and non-captive management skills. His background in...
    NORMAN DORNCTO & Board Advisor
    Norm is the Founder of Accountable Systems Company International Incorporated (A.S.C.I.I.)  and has more than 30 years in QA, in Software, Systems, and Telecom. Respected MTS for Bell Labs, Bellcore, Boeing, DISA, Ericsson, FEMA, ITT-DCD, MCI, US Army, and Westinghouse Electric. Inventor of hardware-standards-driven parallel computing architectures,...
    DR. JOHN PANBoard Member & Advisor
    Dr. Pan has more than 28 years with Bell Labs and holds a PHD in Electrical Engineering from MIT. He is the Co -Founder of Loop Telecom and holder of over 100 Patents, last one issued in 2004.
    RICK LARSENSenior Systems Engineer
    Rick brings over 30 years’ telecommunications experience to FAE Telecom team. He has worked for Bayly Communications, Coastcom, Lucent Technologies, Ascend Communications and Ascom Timeplex. In his time at those companies Rick had been an asset in many roles such as Systems Engineer, Sales, Applications...
    MARC MILLERDirector
    Marc brings over 35 years of experience and expertise from a background in field engineering, network design and service management to the FAE Telecom team. Marc has had extensive careers at Racal Datacom and Orange Business Services that include Field Engineering and Service Management, System...


FAE Telecom was formed to provide a unique set of services that address the requirements of Critical
Infrastructure networks that utilize legacy protocols and applications. These networks present
challenges in both migrating to packet based converged infrastructures and meeting today’s federally
mandated security requirements.

Tom Nolle the President and Founder of Cimi Corporation has been a long-time advisor and friend to FAE Telecom. Tom founded CIMI Corporation in 1982 to fill what he saw as a gap in the software design, product strategy, and strategic consulting markets. Since then, Tom has become one of the most respected thought leaders in the industry.  Tom has written for a dozen industry publications, and today has several thousand articles available online. In addition, Tom blogs nearly every day on key technology industry issues, and his blog is read by nearly 25,000 industry professionals every month. We are honored that Tom has graciously agreed to allow FAE to publish his blogs on our News section of the website and refer to them in our Resources and white papers.

To learn more about Tom and Cimi Corp., just click.

We have partnered with the top technology companies in the world to deliver the most robust solutions for all your telecommunications needs.

In 1991, a group of established professionals from the communications industry founded Loop Telecom. These industry leaders, with decades of experience and years of service at Verizon, Tellabs and AT&T, realized the largely untapped engineering and production capabilities of Taiwan. Just ten years after founding, with its Western-style engineering and management, Loop Telecom met the earnings, market, and product diversity requirements to go public with its IPO. It is currently traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp., or TSEC (3025).

Founded in 1995, Gambit has continued to grow successfully without outside funding. Sales have continued to be strong since the launch of its flagship product, MIMIC Simulator (SNMP, NetFlow, Telnet/SSH, Web (REST/SOAP), IPMI/RedFish).

Flex DSL  HQ in, Switzerland & North American outlet for Power Industry, Carriers and Utilities. The Orion1, 2 and 3 and Discovery SHDSL and SHDLS.bis family of modems and associated devices are used by PTTs, Railway Companies, Utility Companies, Oil Companies and a wide range of other industries throughout the world.